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Thursday 31 July 2008

New Domain Names

Taking inspiration from a recent SitePoint newsletter (Tips & Tricks - Find Juicy Domain Names), I used the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to establish which of the more popular keywords (associated with my site) could be put together to form an available .com or .co.uk domain.

As the article on SitePoint says, "a lot of people type in the keyword they're searching for and simply add .com on the end - as many as 14%" and they point out that Google's tool provides "a simple way to find domain names that should have a good number of visitors from day one".

Using this technique, I then purchased the following domains...

... and configured each one to point to http://www.jah-dev.co.uk/.

Whether these new domains will drive many more visitors to my website remains to be seen, but rest assured I will report back with some statistics in a month or two.

If you would like to check the availability of new domains for yourself, please use my own availability checker on the JAH Web Development website.

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