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Wednesday 17 March 2010

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a good way to keep in touch with your existing customers, help build a community around your business and encourage repeat sales.

If you have some exciting news or a new product/service that you want to share with your customers, you can't just rely on them to stop by your website every week and check for updates - you need to feed them the information directly, i.e. make them sit up and take notice! Email marketing is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this.

JAH Web Development can design a branded e-mail template for your business and then allow you to login to our Email Marketing system and create your own newsletter/campaign, define your subscribers, and monitor who opens your e-mails and which links they click on.

Our Email Marketing service is a recent addition to the range of many services JAH Web Development can offer. If you would like to discuss the benefits of e-mail marketing further and the (very affordable) costs involved, please get in touch.


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